Relief Well Reaches 8000 Foot Depth  

Relief Well Reaches 8,000 Feet

BP Oil Spill - relief well diagram enlarged

By Gwen Spinali

Hollywood Backstage Staff Writer
Friday, May 7, 2010

GULF OF MEXICO (Hollywood Backstage) -- The relief well has reached 8,788 feet. They are currently cementing the third of seven casings on the relief well, which is the best hope for stopping the oil spill completely. The well needs to reach a depth of 18,000 feet to cut off the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

BP to Drill Second Relief Well -- British Petroleum intends to drill two wells designed to intersect the original wellbore above the oil reservoir. This will allow heavy fluid to be pumped into the well which will stop the flow of oil from the reservoir. Cement will then be pumped down to permanently seal the well.

BP needs to cement 7 casings into place before the relief well can intersect with the main drill pipe which is pouring approximately 5,000 barrels of oil per day into the ocean. They have completed 3 casings, with 4 remaining. They have reached a drill depth of just below 10,000 feet, with another 8,000 feet remaining. At about 12,000 feet they will begin angling toward the center of the damaged oil pipe.

BP has estimated that the project will require 90 days to complete the first relief well.

Current Progress: 28" Casing String Set and Cemented in Place, Depth Reached: 8,788' May 7th, Currently Running 22" Casing - 12:00 May 7th.

Planned Intersection Depth: +- 18,000' MD-RKB

The reservoir of oil is below 18,000 feet.

Discoverer Enterprise Drill Ship: Original MC252 #1 Subsea Containment

Relief Well #2: Development Driller II

Relief Well #1: Development Driller III, spudded May 2nd at 15:27hrs

Seabed Depth: 5,249'RKB


Ocean Oil Spill

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