New York Times Colludes with Clinton Campaign  


New York (October 14, 2016) - The New York Times continued their assault on Donald Trump today, but new evidence from Wikileaks shows that the Times has been colluding with the Clinton Campaign from as early as February 17, 2015. In this "Podesta emails" Wikileaks document, Hillary's entire campaign is notified by the New York Times staff writers, Jonathan Martin and Maggie Haberman, that they are planning to post an article imminently regarding Hillary's meeting with Elizabeth Warren.

Podesta email - id 9416


It could not be any clearer. The New York Times Correspondents, Jonathan Martin and Maggie Haberman, are the two writers who wrote the scandalous front page attack on Donald Trump earlier this year. They also are leading the charge with the recent scandal accusers. Here we see that they are coordinating their information and releases with the entire staff of Hillary Clinton. They have all of their email addresses and they are all in direct communication.

The Times attacked Trump with scandal allegations, pointed responses, accusations, legal briefs, reports and counter-attacks swamping the media with ammunition for discussion of hearsay. Exact figures of the number of false accusations will not be known for some time amid the chaos and confusion. Many stories will be buried after the election is over.

Clinton Campaign Manager, John Podesta, was secretly exposed in countless email dumps from muckraker Wikileaks, which was broadcast by Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto. Podesta was caught off-camera saying in essence that Hillary Clinton should start a war in the Catholic church from the ground up and make it appear to be something coming from the people within the church.

Trump claims that they have solid evidence that the stories being printed are false. Many of the stories of the accusers have already been debunked and have now been dropped, 2 on Sunday and another 2 reported by the main stream media on Monday.

Hillary Clinton has said in her PAID Wall Street speeches that she holds private positions (her truth) and public positions (her lies to the public). The asymmetrical war between Trump and Clinton has seen Clinton bombing Trump with the scandal tape released through the media. The media has followed up with countless stories and media reports about the implications. The Clinton SuperPAC has also bombed Twitter with hired "hill-bots" who work in large, minimum wage, foreign cubicle internet operations and Twitter, itself, has banned one of Trump's strongest supporters, a twitter poster named "Ricky_Vaughn99" who had over 100,000 subscribers.

After an emergency meeting of the Trump Campaign headquarters, Donald Trump has sent a cease and desist letter threatening legal action to the New York Times to agree to suspend their attacks on him. They responded by saying that they would continue their attacks and they welcome the legal challenge.

Trump Campaign Leader, Kelly Anne Conway traveled to CNN headquarters early Monday to defend Trump against the allegations, following President Barack Obama's call for an increased rhetoric against Trump.

The New York Times and other media organizations are refusing to back down while news reports are being filed at Trump from the entire media landscape. The Trump organization refuses to back down until the people decide in the elections on November 8, 2016. The war will continue until Trump has debunked all of the allegations. Trump has little choice but to try and defend itself against a superior army of media corporations. Hundreds of innocent people are being convinced by the stories and the Trump campaign marches on, hoping that the polls are wrong.

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